Jabari Smith Jr. talks Summer League, rookie season, goals for next season

2023 NBA Summer League - Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
2023 NBA Summer League - Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Smith shares thoughts on Summer League game-winner

"At first, I told him I wanted to fake like I was going to go up and have him throw it all the way to the corner so I could at least have a shot but when I saw how the defender was on the ball, I was like nah he's not gonna be able to throw that.

And coach drew up the play anyways so it was perfect. I knew I wasn't going to have time to do anything else but you gotta catch it and throw it up. Or do something."

Smith shares father's role

"A mentor. Dad. Friend. We've been together all summer so we just got back to the basics and got back to what got us here. 

The gym, go outdoors, no cameras. Let's get back to us. That's what we've been doing since I was 5. 

He's had a huge influence on me. Mistakes he's made that I can avoid. He just makes it alot easier for me. Even growing up, I was always living like a pro. In high school, there were things that high schoolers don't do. He had me doing it and I wanted to do it."