Jabari Smith Jr. talks Summer League, rookie season, goals for next season

2023 NBA Summer League - Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
2023 NBA Summer League - Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Biggest point of emphasis during Smith's offseason

"I feel like it's just been strength. With strength, that helps you with being able to put the ball on the floor, being able to take bumps, having to move and change directions.

Playing stronger and playing lower to the ground. I just feel like there wasn't one thing that I was focused on except for my body.

Getting stronger and just precise movements. I don't think I was weak last year, just need to throw my body around a little more and take bumps."

Smith elaborates on relationship with Tari Eason

"We came in together. The day after the draft, we were on a plane flying in together. We were always pretty close. It was always me, him, and TyTy during the summer. We were always in the gym together, doing everything together, going to the mall. We have a lot of free time so we were always kicking it with each other.

That kinda grew as the season went on. So you can imagine how close we are now, after going through a whole season of traveling and all of that. That's my brother. We've only gotten closer. We're competitive. We talk trash to each other.

That's just how we are. We're competitive, but we know what's going to bring out the best of us. We're excited for the season. We talk all the time about the season and expectations and how excited we are to win. Because we don't like losing. When we do anything, we're always competing and trying to win. We just want to get back to that."