Jabari Smith Rockets Summer League takes terribly misguided

2022 NBA Summer League - Houston Rockets v Orlando Magic
2022 NBA Summer League - Houston Rockets v Orlando Magic / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Talking about whether or not a player is good during their second Summer League game is silly. Give Jabari Smith time on the Rockets before anyone jumps to conclusions.

As was to be expected, NBA Twitter, which is one of the worst places on the planet, has already started calling Jabari Smith a bust for the Rockets in the first half of his second Summer League game.


It is almost silly how asinine the bird app can be when it comes to having genuine conversations about sports in general.

You have to take the results of the Summer League at face value; they are almost meaningless.

A great game in the Summer League means nothing. A bad game in the Summer league means a bit more, but none of it is gospel yet. Using any of these reults to justify a player take is silly.

Jabari Smith had a mediocre start to his NBA career in the Summer League. However, using the box score as some way of calling him a bust or diminishing what the Rockets have is disingenuous.

Smith, a guy that was never projected to be great at creating his own shots in the NBA, is paired up with a bunch of guys that have limited experience in the offense and in creating shots for a player like Smith.

The newest star for the Rockets has been open constantly throughout the first six quarters of the summer. Other guys trying to make a name for themselves by jacking up bad shots rather than passing to the third-overall pick is not indicative of what will happen during the regular season. Smith will get far more looks than he is right now.

Smith might start early on in the regular season, but he is going to be in a different position than he is now by having three or four other guys with him on the court that have experience in the league and can create shots for the rookie. This is the complete opposite of what Smith is dealing with right now.

While Jabari Smith is still showing some growing pains and is clearly trying to figure out who he will be on the court, no one on the planet should use these games as a way of showing that this process is abnormal.

The Rockets are fine. Jabari Smith is fine. The whole thing is going to be much greater than the sum of these meaningless outings in the summer.

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