Jalen Green already showing right steps for the Rockets

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We've all seen that Jalen Green can succeed on the court as the focal point of the game plan, but the next steps that he needed to make were as a leader.

The Rockets found the perfect player when they were able to snag Jalen Green as their superstar of the future. Green has already made some massive strides as a player, especially towards the end of last season as he got used to the speed of the NBA, but there is another area where Green will have to improve in 2022.

Not that he is bad as a leader, but Green is going to have to be very mindful about this area with key veterans and leaders departing. Eric Gordon is here for now, but it seems fair to assume that Jae'Sean Tate will be one of the few veterans left in the lineup before the end of the season.

Given all these departures and how important Green is to the team, he will need to be the main vocal leader on the team soon. The good news is that he is already showing the skills with his teammates.

Jabari Smith did struggle during the Summer League. No one would ever deny that. It's nice to see that Green was able to be there for his new teammate.

Green has gone through the growing pains himself. The 2021 season wasn't always pretty for Green, and it is fair to assume that the same will be true for Smith. It would be great for the rookie to get to lean on his new guard for advice in this situations.

Jalen Green is going to be the leader on this roster sooner than most think. We're seeing everything we needed to with his growth and devlopment as a player and as a leader.

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