Kendrick Perkins reveals James Harden's true reason for wanting potential Rockets return

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James Harden reportedly has interest in rejoining the Houston Rockets, which certainly makes the Rockets happy, as they have $60 million in cap space and need to make roster upgrades. It's not often that the league's assist leader expresses interest in going to the worst team in the Western Conference, and especially when said player is a all-time franchise great.

The report is that Harden would leave his Philadelphia 76ers if they don't reach the Eastern Conference Finals, in favor of his former Rockets. There have been alot of whispers regarding the Rockets' hopes and expectations of inking Harden to a deal, which will surely have to be a max for The Beard to even consider it.

At 34, Harden has displayed the ability to perform at an elite level, as he averaged 21 points and 10.7 assists in 2022-23, the latter of which was a league-best. Harden hasn't denied or confirmed any reports of a desire to return to Houston, as he's simply stated that he's focused solely on his Sixers and their postseason run (rightfully so).

ESPN's Kendrick Perkins reveals James Harden's true reason for wanting a potential return to the Houston Rockets

But Harden's forner Oklahoma City Thunder teammate and Houston resident Kendrick Perkins of ESPN explained why Harden would have interest in rejoining the Rockets on ESPN's First Take

"We know that James Harden loves Houston. Yes, he loves the Rockets organization, but he also loves what Houston brings to the table outside of basketball. And we all know what that is."

Although Perkins didn't explicitly state what he was referring to, it's implied that he was referring to Houston’s status as the Stripper Capital, which Harden certainly indulged in during his earlier Rockets days.

From the Rockets' standpoint, it's hard to justify giving a franchise great a max contract worth $200 million, if his true reason for wanting to return to Houston has very little to do with basketball.

Hopefully Perk is wrong.