Kevin Durant news has major impact on Rockets future

Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets
Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The house of cards in Brooklyn is collapsing. With Kevin Durant requesting a trade, the Houston Rockets are in a prime position to get the best pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Who gives a damn that Kyrie Irving is coming back? He might be staying in Brooklyn but that’s not the player the Rockets or the rest of the NBA care about. The only player that matters is Kevin Durant, and without him, the Nets look like the worst team in the NBA.

Now, the Nets do have a decent amount of power in this situation. If Durant really wants to get traded, there is a chance that he could become a King, a member of the Magic, or any other number of bottom-feeder teams.

Still, if Durant doesn’t want to be there it seems likely that a trade is going to happen.

There literally isn’t better news that the Rockets could get. After giving up James Harden for a mountain of picks from a team that was supposed to be great, it looked like Houston was going to be stuck in a rebuilt for a long time. Instead, the Rockets will soon control the majority of the draft picks for one of the worst teams in the NBA for several years to come.

Since they have the rights to Brooklyn’s 2023 pick, assuming their record is worse having one of the best chances at a dynastic player like Victor Wembanyama could not come at a better time for the young Rockets team.

Looking beyond 2023 and the young star from France, Houston will still have a mountain of quality picks coming their way, which from a trade standpoint that should prove to be one of the best in franchise history.

The collapse that is going on in New York right now almost has no equal and it only helps the Rockets in the long run. Not that it is new, but the future for Houston is very bright as this story continues.

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