Kevin Porter Jr. proving his worth early for Rockets

Memphis Grizzlies v Houston Rockets
Memphis Grizzlies v Houston Rockets / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Kevin Porter Jr. was recently paid by the Rockets to lock him in for Houston for the long haul. He has proven this as the right decision for the Rockets in a major way.

Paying Kevin Porter Jr. was an excellent move by the Rockets.

It isn't like there were a ton of other options for the rebuilding Houston core, but even if there were, KPJ was still the best option.

The chemistry that started to build between Green, Porter, and the rest of the group was apparent towards the end of last season. There were obviously some growing pains for the two turned one, but Porter has found himself as the Rockets get into the season.

KPJ is averaging 19 points per game on 40% from two and 53% from three. These numbers are likely to come down, but they should still be in at a highly-effective level to go with six assists per game, a number that could go up if the Rockets could finish more easy shots.

To make Porter's start to the season look even better, he is currently sitting at ten points and five rebounds in the first quarter for Houston. Again, if his teammates could finish the easy shots, there would probably be some assists in there too.

This guy is just getting better every day, just like the rest of this young roster. There are still going to be days where it all doesn't seem to click, but KPJ is proving that his average day is going to be highly-effective from a production standpoint.

Here is to hoping that Porter finishes the game with 40 points as he is currently projected to do at this rate.

Could there be a better start to the season?

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