What’s KJ Martin’s trade value 2.0

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The Houston Rockets enter the 2022-23 NBA trade season with one clearcut candidate for a trade, Eric Gordon. Gordon is a veteran floor spacer, in the final season of guaranteed money on his contract, and has 55 games worth of playoff experience. In other words, he is the exact type of player who gets moved before the trade deadline to a contender.  

KJ Martin can’t quit the NBA trade rumor mill 

For some reason, the next most trade-rumored Rocket has been Kenyon Martin Jr. Martin might be the polar opposite of Gordon. He’s incredibly young, is not functionally on an expiring contract, and has yet to play in the playoffs. Still developing players are rarely moved by rebuilding teams ahead of the trade deadline because they’re the exact type of players rebuilding teams want and contending teams are willing to offload. 

However, Martin has found himself in the rumor mill for months now. It all started when his father, NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin Sr., said he wanted Martin to find a new home. The comment was more smoke than fire, and no serious reports of a trade surfaced over the summer. 

With the season underway, Martin’s name has once again popped up in trade discussions, but this time it seems to have come from outside Houston. A failed three-team trade between the Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets centered on Jae Crowder, Grayson Allen, and Eric Gordon had Martin heading to Phoenix. 

While no one is sure what the stumbling blocks were, it has been suggested that the Rockets’ compensation for both Gordon and Martin was lacking. Which raises the question again, what is KJ Martin’s trade value?