Latest Jalen Green rumors cast doubt on ability to be Rockets franchise player

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Houston Rockets shooting guard Jalen Green has been the subject of scrutiny and criticism for several years now. Such is life when one is a top-two draft pick in their league. 

Hell, even players who don't get drafted that high receive criticism. People who analyze the sport have a duty to be honest about what's happening on the playing surface. It's why Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan fell out, because Barkley was honest about Jordan's poor draft history as the decision-maker of the Charlotte Hornets (formerly Bobcats).

Despite their longstanding friendship, Barkley had a duty to be honest. 

Perennial franchise players are especially subject to backlash, as more is expected of them since they're supposed to be capable of putting the team on their back and carrying their teammates to victory.

In the same way that quarterbacks take all the heat after losses. 

LeBron James deals with some form of it everyday. 

James Harden dealt with some form of it every week.

They took it in stride and responded on the court, regardless of how disrespectful the slight or criticism was. 

Being a franchise player has is exemplified both on and off the court. You have to be able to stand in the line of fire and take the heat.

Remember when LeBron James said this?

James caught flack from those who perceived his message to be one of privilege, which is fair. But the approach was what you need from a superstar (i.e. I hear the outside noise but it doesn't phase me).

So why exactly does this matter, Anthony? And what does this have to do with the Houston Rockets?

Jalen Green's alleged exchanges with members of the Rockets fanbase is a bit concerning.

Rumor has it that Green approached two Houston sports media figures with disdain, as he didn't like their coverage of his struggles and inconsistent play. If you're a Rockets fan, you know Jackson Gatlin, host of Locked on Rockets and credentialed media member, and Roosh Williams, longtime staple in the Rockets fan community.

The two are some of the more authentic talking heads, as they hold no punches when it comes to sharing their opinions. Granted, not everyone appreciates it, because alot of fans don't want to hear negative things about their favorite team and favorite players. 

Others appreciate it, because they aren't afraid to hold their favorites accountable. It's safe to say that Green didn't enjoy the criticisms, based on the individual accounts of the two.

Williams stated that Green took offense to him suggesting that the third-year Rockets guard would be better suited coming off the bench, a move that Rockets coach Ime Udoka could be on the cusp of making. Green allegedly took to Williams' DMs on Twitter, voicing his displeasure with such a suggestion, prompting Williams to give his phone number to Green, in hopes of it being smoothed over in a live conversation between the two.

To no avail.

Gatlin allegedly had a similar conversation with Green, as Green was unhappy with hearing/seeing his struggles magnified.

This isn't quite what you'd hope to see from your top-two draft pick. And again, Gatlin and Williams are viewed as trolls by many, and simply superfans whose opinions hold no merit. 

I won't try to change your mind if that's how you see them. That's entirely within reason for you. 

However, if that's who they are, why is Jalen Green so bothered by such meaningless "superfans"?

Should be not be above responding to who many of you describe as trolls?

Green grew up idolizing the late, great Kobe Bryant.

Would Bryant care a single iota about Williams and Gatlin's opinions? I think we ALL know the answer to that.

If Green is going to be affected by such opinions from such people, not only is he not ready to be a franchise player, but he may not be ready for life as an NBA player either.

Hopefully someone in his camp can get him to spend less time on social media and more time in the gym.

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