Legendary ESPN analyst unleashes on Houston Rockets' Kevin Porter Jr.

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Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr.’s immediate NBA future lies in the hands of Adam Silver, as the league’s commissioner is investigating Porter’s most recent arrest. Porter is surely facing a rather lengthy suspension and he’s certainly played his final game as a member of the Houston Rockets.

The franchise has scrubbed him from their social media accounts and are desperately hoping to trade him, so much that they’re willing to attach draft compensation to do so. This has drawn the ire of many in the basketball world, as they’d like to see the Rockets act now and release Porter, which is justifiable due to the horrific details of what Porter is alleged to have done in a Manhattan hotel room.

Case in point, ESPN’s Dick Vitale, who didn’t hold back on Twitter (or X or whatever you want to call it) when speaking on the matter.

“How many chances can you give a guy? Kevin Porter’s actions have ruined a prosperous career in the NBA. His angry outbursts have created a nightmare for many. His antics are going to come to an end after his last attack in beating his girlfriend.”

ESPN's Dick Vitale unleashes on Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr.

Vitale continued.

“It is about time he pays the price after his last horrific attack on his girlfriend, according to published reports. His behavior has been a problem for years even back in college -after numerous chances this is one time that he must get severely punished by the @NBA & the court system. ENOUGH ALREADY - the game is bigger than KEVIN PORTER JR.”

Last season, Porter and the Rockets agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $63 million, with just his 2023-24 salary of $15.6 million fully guaranteed. Porter faces three felony charges (a second-degree assault charge, a second-degree strangulation charge, and a third-degree assault charge).

Regardless of what happens with the NBA’s investigation, the Rockets have decided against Porter coming to training camp and they’d love to get him off the roster as soon as possible (like Vitale). If they do, in fact, find a trade for him, they’d likely be forced to bring in a player on an undesirable contract, since Porter will be immediately released by any team that acquires him.