Listing the 4 best fan club nicknames for the Rockets' potential fourth pick

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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4. Amen Army

The Amen Army (first used by Twitter user @BiasedHouston, who is a must-follow if you're an NBA fan) would be a fun yet simple name to show your alliance with the Amen Thompson agenda. Additionally, although Amen has a slightly smaller wingspan, the name Amen airplanes could also work for his Fanclub.

Amen Thompson, of the Overtime Elite, has dazzled many with his passing ability, and especially with his 6-foot-7 frame. The Rockets need a floor general, as we all know, and Thompson could fall right to them at number four.

In fact, most mock drafts seem to have the Rockets taking him with that pick. The potential concern is the fact that Thompson played in the Overtime Elite, which comes quite short of NBA competition, so it could take him longer to develop.

The Amen Army fan club is certainly not concerned about this.