NBA analyst reveals one team that must trade for Rockets' John Wall

Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

When the Houston Rockets last faced off against the LA Clippers, Rockets guard John Wall allowed the public to get a glimpse of his friendship and long-time relationship with Clippers star Paul George. Wall stated:

"Me and Paul George have been guys for a long time. That's one of the close friends that I have in this league. Me and him competed when he was in Indiana and I was in D.C. for awhile.

That's a guy that I check on, a guy I hang out with sometimes in the summer when I'm in LA. So that's somebody I call a brother."

Wall even sat courtside with George's family during the Clippers' postseason run, showing more proof of the brotherhood that exists between the two. This is part of the reason why speculation has been building that Wall could potentially be joining George with the Clippers, not to mention the fact that Wall liked a post on social media proposing a hypothetical trade to the Clippers earlier in the offseason.

The need has been there all along for the Clippers, who have been in need of a point guard and primary facilitator ever since they created the tandem of George and Kawhi Leonard.

NBA analyst reveals lone team that must trade for Houston Rockets guard John Wall

According to long-time NBA analyst Chris Broussard of FS1, the Clippers must make a move for Wall, considering the current landscape of the contending teams, which Broussard explained on FS1's First Things First.

"The Rockets and John Wall agreed mutually to trade him. He is owed two years and $91 million on his contract, so it seems like an impossible contract to move.

But no contract is untradeable in the NBA. I think there is one team and really one team only that I think is a good fit for John Wall, and that's the LA Clippers.

Luke Kennard, young guy, 25-years-old, can shoot the three and would help Houston shoot the three. Serge Ibaka, the Clippers got nothing from him last year, especially in the playoffs, and Eric Bledsoe, who they just traded for, so they'd have to wait a couple months to make this deal happen, but Bledsoe is just about as injury prone as John Wall is.

I think if John Wall goes to the Clippers, he accepts being the third wheel of the big three, he'd be more of a playmaker for Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. We know they've needed a point guard.

Look at what Brooklyn has, a powerful big three. Look at the Lakers, a powerful big three. Look at the Bucks, a big three. 

For the Clippers, it's time to move from the big two to the big three. Go get John Wall.

Broussard continued further.

"They've got designs on a championship, but you look at who they've got to beat. Brooklyn, powerful big three, the Lakers, powerful big three, the Bucks, now people are calling that a big three.

Heck, even Phoenix has something of a big three. The Clippers are trying to do it with a dynamic duo, I say trade for John Wall and make it a trio.

I think Wall would gladly fit in as the third wheel, behind Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and be more of a playmaker and I think it could work. I think the Clippers are a fit for John Wall and I think they are the only fit for John Wall."

Wall was spotted out with George in LA on Thursday night, which certainly adds more speculation to the possibility of Wall possibly being interested in joining the Clippers.

The Clippers could easily clear Wall's salary, with the package that Broussard mentioned of Kennard, Ibaka, and Bledsoe, which couldn't happen until at least October 15th, as Bledsoe was just traded by the New Orleans Pelicans.

We've heard that the Rockets are disinterested in shelling out draft capital to move Wall and that Wall isn't interested in taking a buyout from the remaining $91.7 million that he's owed, and this framework of a deal would prevent both from happening.

For this reason, Broussard is right (for once) about the Clippers being the only perfect fit for Wall in this scenario.

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