NBA Rumors: 3 trades of Eric Gordon to New York Knicks

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Alec Burks, Houston Rockets
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Houston Rockets & New York Knicks Trade #1: Eric Gordon for Kemba Walker and Alec Burks 

This final deal is the most likely to get across the finish line for a few reasons. The first is that it won’t require the Knicks to take on salary. Burks and Walker combine to make $18.2 million this season and $19.1 million in 2022-23. 

The next reason is that the Knicks have too many point guards as is. Walker, Burks, Rose, and Immanuel Quickley are all competing for scare minutes. Moving Burks and Walker for Gordon opens up minutes for Quickley, with Gordon capable of handling lead guard duties for spells. 

The final reason is that Burks has some trade value for the Rockets. Burks is a solid backup point guard, his deal is for around $10 million a season, and he has a team option for the 2023-24 season. He could fetch a second-round pick for the Rockets this season or in the offseason. 

Once again, draft capital will need to go the Rockets' way. Eric Gordon will have suitors through trade, and the Rockets will be targeting picks. If the Knicks throw in a 1st round pick then this deal should have no problem going through. 

Flipping Gordon for a first-round pick and two players that could net you a second-round pick and open up cap space is exactly what the Rockets should be looking for. It’ll cause them to take a step back this season, but it’ll prime them to take two steps forward when their young core is ready to compete. 

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