NBA star makes inflammatory statement about Houston Rockets' Dillon Brooks

The Houston Rockets' Dillon Brooks has made an enemy.
The Houston Rockets' Dillon Brooks has made an enemy. / Amanda Loman/GettyImages

Why can't everyone just get along?

Well, personalities clash. Some people just don't mesh. In any sphere of life, there will be people who can't seem to find common ground.

The NBA is no exception. DeMar DeRozan doesn't care for Dillon Brooks of the Houston Rockets. How do we know?

He explicitly said so.

Houston Rockets wing rubs star the wrong way

"I just don't like him."

DeMar DeRozan on Dillon Brooks

Well then. DeRozan isn't sugarcoating anything here. He does not like Dillon Brooks.

In fairness, Brooks is a guy who has rubbed others the wrong way. With that said, DeRozan's comments stem from a specific incident that occurred when the Bulls and Rockets played in March.

"Don't walk up behind me, that's rule number one, don't walk up on no man behind him when his back's turned."

DeMar DeRozan

Let's talk about it. What really happened?

Houston Rockets wing was defending teammate

DeRozan isn't sugarcoating anything. So, we'll call a spade a spade as well.

That isn't a basketball play. DeRozan lashed out at Green in frustration. We're not saying he's a horrible person - these things happen. Still, Brooks had grounds to stick up for his younger teammate.

Sure, we're biased. This is SpaceCityScoop - it's a Houston Rockets page.

Still, Brooks was hardly in stealth mode here. DeRozan is turning around before Brooks makes physical contact.

Moreover, the same "heat of the moment" qualifier applies to Brooks here as it did for DeRozan when he shoved Green in the first place. He was upset. Why should Brooks control himself and wait for DeRozan to turn around when DeRozan couldn't control himself before shoving Green?

Does any of it matter?

Houston Rockets wing is an irritant - and that's perfect


We have concerns about Brooks. We don't love his contract, and we've said so multiple times.

If there's one thing we do love about him, it's his ability to get under opponents' skin. We like that Brooks stood up for Green:

Even if DeMar DeRozan sees it differently.