NBA superstar named Houston Rockets as 2023-24 "surprise team"

The Houston Rockets took teams by surprise in 2023-24
The Houston Rockets took teams by surprise in 2023-24 / Amanda Loman/GettyImages

The element of surprise can provide quite an advantage.

If your opponent is surprised, they won't be prepared. The Houston Rockets may have leveraged that advantage in 2023-24. They'd been one of the worst teams in the league, and suddenly, they had the veterans to execute a .500 finish.

It seems that one of the NBA's superstars took notice.

NBA superstar names Houston Rockets as "surprise team"

Next season, the Rockets won't have the element of surprise. Teams will be expecting them. Is that going to hurt them?

Time will tell. If a couple of the Rockets' young players make strides, it won't matter. The element of surprise is nice, but talent is better.

Either way, this acknowledgment from George is nice. The Rockets are earning respect around the NBA. George is one of the most respected veteran voices in the league.

This isn't the first time he's expressed admiration for the Rockets, either.

Could Houston Rockets pursue Paul George?

This has been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

George is a free agent this summer. As a 3-and-D wing who can create shots, he'd be a perfect fit on the Rockets - or, realistically, any team looking to contend.

Should the Rockets be interested? It's a tough call. From a financial standpoint, signing George to a long-term, expensive contract could make life difficult for the Rockets. By next summer, the team will have to have reached decisions on contract extensions for both Alperen Sengun and Jalen Green.

It only gets more complicated from there. The Rockets are stacked with young talent that they'll need to pay. Will they have room for George?

It feels like a longshot. Either way, this young team is surely enjoying a confidence boost from a prominent player like George.

Although, given how they performed last season, they shouldn't be surprised.