NBA writer right about young Houston Rockets guard in 2022

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
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Who has the most to prove on the Rockets right now? There are obviously a lot of viable candidates, but that player just might be Kevin Porter Jr.

It feels like everyone on the Houston Rockets has something major to prove in 2022. Not just as individuals; this entire team is going to be under the microscope from the start of the season.

Can this team successfully begin a transition? Can the franchise find a new face? Can each of these young and promising pieces find a way to come together to create a contender down the line?

All of these are valuable questions.

Moving on to the individuals, the Rockets players have a lot to prove. Most are young and on rookie deals that extend beyond this season, but Kevin Porter Jr. does feel like he is going to be under the microscope the most with his current contract situation.

Even listed KPJ as the Rockets player with the most to prove in 2022. was right.

Nothing is set in stone for any memeber of the Rockets right now, and it feels like Porter's foundation can be the shakiest with his future more uncertain in the short term than the rest.

The Rockets could move on from KPJ if he doesn't ball out this season. By that same token, they could chose to extend their starting point guard and give him the largest contract of his career. There isn't much of an in between.

Because of the variability of how this season could go for the young guard, KPJ is going to have to play some of the best basketball of his career if he wants to find a way to stay in Houston. The good news on this end is that he will just have to replicate what we saw at the end of last season if he wants to stay put.

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