Needs fit opportunity for Houston Rockets in 2022 NBA Draft

2021 NBA Draft, Houston Rockets
2021 NBA Draft, Houston Rockets / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets have a prime lottery pick coming their way in the 2022 NBA Draft. The good news is that they can't really miss at this point.

The Houston Rockets are coming off of what can only be described as a very difficult season. Winning 20 games makes it seem like there was little to be happy with, but the reality is different than the record would suggest.

While the Rockets did win the fewest games in the NBA last season, they do have one of the best young players in the league in Jalen Green at 20 years old and the only benefit of finishing with such a bad record; a guarentee at a quality draft pick.

The Lottery won't be until later this month, but the good news for Rockets fans is that this will only add to the bright future that is starting in Houston. We likely won't be back to the success experienced under Mike D'Antoni after one more pick, but it sure would help at stemming some of the bleeding going on in some of the other key roles.

The NBA is the one sport that is impacted the most by individual players, so knocking this pick out of the park could at least make a few games closer next year.

So, what do the Rockets need to do to get better immediately?

The answer to that is, like most years, the best player available. Jabari Smith out of Auburn is certainly interesting as a really young option with a ton of upside, but Jaden Ivey is also getting connected to the Rockets a decent amount-although this does feel like putting a hat on a hat.

Regardless of where the Rockets fall in the draft order or who the pick ends up being, any of the top options are good enough to come in and make an immediate impact on a roster that could be better than many think with the right bit of tinkering.

As fun as it might be to think about fit/need, the truth is that anyone who joins will be able to carve out a role on this roster. Twenty wins and mountains of turnover over the past few seasons has made it so the bar is rather low, but it is important to remember that it will be hard to miss when the name is actually called.

Jalen Green and company need a co-star to start making some noise, and this should be exactly what we get if the Rockets focus far more on overall talent rather than anything else.

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Let's just cross our fingers that the odds are legitimately in Houston's favor.