Nets terrible start great news for Houston Rockets

Indiana Pacers v Brooklyn Nets
Indiana Pacers v Brooklyn Nets / Elsa/GettyImages

While the Rockets have disappointed some people with their slow start to the season, at least they aren't as talented as the Nets and struggling at the same rate.

The Rockets sitting at 1-5 through the first six games is not that big of a surprise. Sure, it hurts to see the team lose so many games where there is some hype starting to form for the young core, but everyone knows that losses are coming, and there are likely going to be a lot this season.

The Nets are a different story.

As it stands, the Nets are one of the biggest disappointments in the NBA. Brooklyn has looked terrible in almost every contest, and this is inexcusible for a team with that much talent.

Even though the team was able to retain both superstars that could've easily walked in the offseason, the Nets don't even look like a playoff team at this point.

Kyrie Irving looks a little distracted after some very questionable decisions, Ben Simmons is obviously not reformed, and Kevin Durant isn't able to overcome all of this right now.

This is all great news for the Rockets.

Houston is going to get some very valuable picks back from the Nets at this rate, and a terrible season this year could help cause a blowup in the near future.

Every game the Nets lose is another step closer to getting a shot at a transcendent talent in the 2023 NBA Draft. The odds may be long for the Rockets right now, but every loss by the Nets is at least helping those odds a little.

Here's to hoping Brooklyn isn't able to figure it out. Keep the losses coming and the Rockets will be more than happy.

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