Next move Rockets need to make after John Wall buyout

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The Rockets are one more move away from accomplishing all of their major offseason goals. The final domino that needs to fall is the departure of Eric Gordon.

The Houston Rockets are nearing the roster configuration that the past few years have set up: young players given the freedom to learn and grow.

The veterans started disappearing before the draft. Christian Wood was traded, the Rockets were able to agree to a buyout with John Wall, and that leaves Eric Gordon as the last guy from the older teams that needs to go.

Gordon just can't remain a member of the team at the current rate. Houston has far too many guards as it is, and giving minutes to Gordon when the Rockets need to see what they have in their young guys is a massive mistake.

Even if Eric Gordon brings a veteran presence and is coming off one of his better years shooting from three, the need just isn't there for a team that needs to sink or swim by their young stars.

The Rockets already have too many mouths to feed as is. When you add in the numerous draft picks coming their way over the next few years, there is just no way that keeping Gordon through this years fits into that equation.

The good news for Houston is that they should get more for Gordon than they did with Wall. Gordon is a veteran that is on a bit of an expensive deal with a poor injury history, but he can still contribute on a contender.

There are teams out there, much like Philly before the draft, that see the value in having a player like Eric Gordon.

A deal should come, and then the Rockets can continue focusing on their future and how they want this team to look with the young stars they have accumulated.

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