Power ranking the Rockets' most valuable trade assets at the 2024 deadline

Sacramento Kings v Houston Rockets
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Although the Houston Rockets started out 6-3 through the first nine games, they currently find themselves below .500 with a 23-27 record. We've heard rumors suggesting the Rockets' ambitions to bolster their roster, and rightfully so, as the team is currently outside of the race for the play-in tournament.

Rockets GM Rafael Stone has been canvassing the league and identifying potential fits for the current roster. The Rockets already nabbed Steven Adams, a tough defensive-minded big man that they've been missing, but that move won't benefit them this season.

If the Rockets want to address their lack of shooting (26th in long-range shooting) and their lack of rim protection, they'll need to part with at least one/some of their current assets. And make no mistake, the Rockets do have quite the stockpile of assets.

Let's take a look at some of the Rockets' most valuable trade pieces ahead of tomorrow's deadline.

Ranking the Rockets' best trade assets at the deadline

5. Jae'Sean Tate

Jae'Sean Tate is a Swiss Army Knife who provides a little bit of everything (besides shooting). Tate is an elite cutter to the basket and has underrated court vision as a tertiary playmaker.

Defensively, Tate is elite, as he can lock down opposing wings and/or perimeter players. Tate is a hustle player who battles for loose balls and scraps on every possession. 

In other words, every contending team could use a player like him. Just ask Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham.

"Jae'Sean Tate, man, is just a young bull. Like, he's just a Swiss Army knife and is just a bowling ball. He's tough. He plays a tough brand of defense."

And his contract has a team option in 2024-25, which makes him even more valuable. The Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics have been linked to him and the list of interested teams could be even bigger.