Ranking 11 Rockets rumored trade targets from least to most realistic

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks - Game Three
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Robert Williams: Not happening

The Rockets were reportedly interested in Robert Williams, the former Boston Celtics big man who played for Rockets coach Ime Udoka in 2021-22. Williams put together his best season under Udoka, posting averages of 10 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.2 blocks and 73.6 percent from the field, while making the All-Defensive team.

Williams was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers in the offseason and suffered a season-ending knee injury just six games into his Blazers career. This presented him as a great buy-low option, as teams were seeking to capitalize on his low value, due to his injury history and time missed in 2023-24. 

The Rockets wouldn't have pivoted to Steven Adams if there was a deal to be had with the Blazers. Since the Rockets already traded for an injured center who will be back next season, this eliminates Williams as a trade option.

Kelly Olynyk: Unrealistic

Kelly Olynyk is one of the more talented all-around big men on the trade market. The Utah Jazz center provides great spacing, as he's a legitimate 3-point threat (42.9 percent in 2023-24) and possesses great court vision for a center (4.3 assists this season).

Olynyk isn't known for his defense but he's far from a traffic cone on that end. Olynyk is a hot commodity due to his skillset, as the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have both shown interest in the Gonzaga product. 

The Rockets would surely have to part with a first-round pick in order to have a shot at Olynyk, which wouldn't be wise, since he's on an expiring deal and won't turn this team into a postseason contender by himself.