Ranking 4 superstars the Houston Rockets have been linked to recently

Could the Houston Rockets acquire Devin Booker?
Could the Houston Rockets acquire Devin Booker? / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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It feels like the Houston Rockets are the talk of the town. 

They're constantly rumored to be in the market for a top-tier star. At the same time, the Rockets seem willing to exercise patience. They're always rumored to be considering a blockbuster, and somehow, they always end up making moves on the margins instead. 

Does that mean the Rockets won't eventually trade for a superstar? We wouldn't go that far. If this core group doesn't look Finals-bound in the next few years, the Rockets could pivot. NBA general managers are notoriously opportunistic, and we wouldn't expect Rafael Stone to pass on an opportunity. 

Yet, any old superstar won't do - emphasis on the "old". The Rockets need to target the right guy. 

Here's our ranking of 4 superstar players they've been linked to recently. 

4. Kevin Durant 

Kevin Durant is 35. If you like, you can move onto the next slide. 

Is he one of the greatest players of all-time? Sure. Durant's legacy isn't on trial here. Realistically, he was even as good (or better) than anyone on this list in 2023-24. Durant averaged 27.1 points per game with a 62.6 True Shooting % (TS%) last season.

He's also - in case you missed it - 35. It may take Durant two or three seasons to noticeably decline, but make no mistake - the decline is coming. 

The Rockets may want to pivot soon, but this pivot would be too sharp. If they traded for Durant, they'd be wise to move everyone else on their roster. Otherwise, they risk sinking assets into a player who won't be useful for them shortly after the acquisition. 

That risk is too rich for our blood.