Ranking 5 big men the Houston Rockets could select in 2024 NBA Draft

Is Donovan Clingan a good fit with the Houston Rockets?
Is Donovan Clingan a good fit with the Houston Rockets? / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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4. Yves Missi, Baylor

Edey is a throwback big. On the other hand, Yves Missi is a prototypical modern defensive center. At 6'10" and 210 pounds, there were times in NBA history when he would have been seen as too small to play the 5.

in today's league, his ability to defend in space will be seen as an asset. It also makes him an optimal backup for Sengun. If the Turkish star is getting picked on by a downhill guard, the Rockets could sub Missi in to throw that guard out of his rhythm.

Can Missi play alongside Sengun? That's a different question. So long as neither is a viable floor spacer, the answer feels like a firm "no". On the other hand, if Sengun's three-pointer continues to develop, the Rockets could run some dual big lineups featuring them both.

Missi also projects outside of the Rockets' upcoming lottery pick. If they really liked him, they could trade down in the draft to pick up some additional assets. On the other hand, this next target may not be on the board by the time they're making their selection.