Ranking 6 draft prospects the Houston Rockets could draft by fit

Could the Houston Rockets draft Zaccharie Risacher?
Could the Houston Rockets draft Zaccharie Risacher? / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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5. Matas Buzelis, F, G-League Ignite

Buzelis is another player with a suspect jumper. He shot just 27.3% on 3.4 threes per game for the Ignite in 2023-24.

Meanwhile, Buzelis is a wing. Between Jabari Smith Jr., Tari Eason, and Cam Whitmore, it's difficult to imagine his path to playing time on these Houston Rockets. That's before considering that Dillon Brooks is still on the books, and Amen Thompson sees time in the wing rotation as well.

So - why is he a better fit than Topic? Well, stockpiling wings always makes more sense than stockpiling guards. That's really it. Frankly, we don't like the fit with either player.

After all, it's hard to imagine Buzelis scaling his role down. Having averaged 2.0 assists and 2.2 turnovers per game last year, his potential as a playmaker is strictly theoretical. Buzelis looks comfortable trying to score with the ball, but he hasn't flashed enough potential in that area to justify being selected third by the Rockets.