Ranking 6 draft prospects the Houston Rockets could draft by fit

Could the Houston Rockets draft Zaccharie Risacher?
Could the Houston Rockets draft Zaccharie Risacher? / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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4. Donovan Clingan, C, Connecticut

Fit isn't a quantifiable variable. It's multifaceted - a player can fit a team in a certain way, and not at all in another sense.

Take Clingan. The Rockets need rim protection. Steven Adams will provide some in 2024-25, but he's 30 and on an expiring contract. Clingan could anchor this team's defense for a decade.

Only, he doesn't project as a good fit alongside Alperen Sengun. Neither can shoot the three efficiently, and neither is a strong defender in space. Sure, Clingan shot threes well at the combine and says he can play next to Sengun.

Prospects say a lot of things to bolster their draft stock. If the Rockets select Clingan, they're either selecting a career backup, or they're selecting Sengun's eventual replacement. Otherwise, he doesn't project as a strong fit with the roster as it's currently constructed.