Ranking 6 prospects the Houston Rockets are likely to select in 2024 NBA draft

Could Reed Sheppard join the Houston Rockets this summer?
Could Reed Sheppard join the Houston Rockets this summer? / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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4. Matas Buzelis, G-League Ignite

Another weak shooting prospect (27.3%), Buzelis may not be an optimal fit with the Rockets. If he's on the board when they're making their selection, they may have to take him anyway.

After all, Buzelis was once seen as a prospect with number-one pick potential. It's not hard to see why. Buzelis is a 6'8" wing with plus athleticism. He also has a versatile skillset - Buzelis has impressive court vision in the open floor and can guard across positions.

Still, that three-point percentage is problematic. In all likelihood, it's the reason Buzelis has fallen out of the number one pick conversation.

Could the Rockets gamble on his upside? Sure. Nobody's ever complained about having a surplus of young star talent. On the other hand, if this front office is more concerned with roster construction, they'll prefer the next prospect on our list.