Ranking 8 prospects the Houston Rockets could draft by upside

Could Matas Buzelis be a star for the Houston Rockets?
Could Matas Buzelis be a star for the Houston Rockets? / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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We just ranked draft prospects according to fit with the Houston Rockets. For some, that was a complete waste of time.

In their mind, you always draft for upside with a high pick. There's some merit in that position. The Rockets have the third overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Why would they pick up a role player?

Well...this is a weird draft. That's a polite way of saying that it's a bad draft. Most of the players with star potential are also deeply flawed. They have star potential, but they have troubling bust potential as well.

Here, we'll rank them according to their upside anyway.

8. Zaccharie Risacher, G/F, JL Bourg-en-Bresse

We ranked Risacher second in terms of his fit with the Rockets. We like him as a prospect - but we don't like his odds of becoming a superstar.

Risacher has flashed very little in terms of on-ball creation. His handle is functional enough to attack a closeout, but that goes for most 3-and-D wings. These are professional basketball players.

Otherwise, Risacher is lacking, as the kids would say, "a bag". He doesn't have a set of go-to moves that he can use to beat defenders. It's hard to imagine Risacher reaching star status at the NBA level.

In an ordinary draft, that would keep him out of the high lottery. In this class, teams could justify taking a player who projects as a solid-to-good 3-and-D. We don't mind if the Rockets make that decision - as long as they aren't expecting a superstar.