Ranking 8 prospects the Houston Rockets could draft by upside

Could Matas Buzelis be a star for the Houston Rockets?
Could Matas Buzelis be a star for the Houston Rockets? / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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1. Ron Holland, G/F, G-League Ignite

Holland has similar concerns when compared to his former teammate Buzelis. He shot 23.9% on 3.1 threes per game last season. He averaged 2.8 assists to go with 3.5 turnovers. What gives him higher upside?

His motor. Holland is relentless. He chases loose balls like they owe him money. Holland is likely the best rebounding wing in this class as well.

Some will argue that we're describing a role player. Fair. At the same time, two-way wings are a hot commodity in this league. Holland has the athletic tools to overwhelm opponents with athleticism and effort.

We also like his ability to scale down. If Holland doesn't reach his 100th-percentile outcome, he can be an energy guy - whereas Buzelis may not stick in the league. Still, we also believe that Holland's motor gives him the highest ceiling of any prospect the Rockets are likely to draft this summer.