Ranking Houston Rockets free agents based on likelihood to return next season

Will the Houston Rockets bring Aaron Holiday back in 2024-25?
Will the Houston Rockets bring Aaron Holiday back in 2024-25? / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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2. Aaron Holiday

Bullock was a miss. On the other hand, Holiday was a slam dunk of a signing last summer. He exceeded the production that's expected from a player making roughly $2 million in a season.

At 38.7%, Holiday was one of the best three-point shooters on the Rockets in 2023-24. He was also a hardworking, serviceable defender. Some fans wished Holiday would run the offense less, but we'll give him credit as a sporadic option in terms of ball-handling.

If the Rockets wanted, they could bring Holiday back in a similar capacity. With that said, they may be drafting a guard in the lottery this summer. In that event, they may want to make space in their rotation.

Sure, the Rockets will be in win-now mode. We suspect a player like Reed Sheppard or Dalton Knetch could handle Holiday's role. Otherwise, it feels likely that Holiday will remain with the team in 2024-25.

Unless he's got alternate suitors, that is. Holiday had a career year in 2023-24. He won't command a star's salary on the open market, but a team that's desperate enough to space the floor without compromising their defense could offer him a modest raise.

The Rockets may or may not want to match that offer. There's no pressing reason to move on from Holiday, but the Rockets shouldn't lose sleep over keeping him either. In the end, this one could go either way.