Ranking the Houston Rockets' Veterans by Trade Value

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Houston Rockets Veteran Trade Value Ranking #5 & #4

David Nwaba, Houston Rockets
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David Nwaba & Daniel Theis (Some Value) 

David Nwaba and Daniel Theis are in the same trade value bucket. They’re solid players who can help on the defensive end, but their offensive limitations make it so they have to be surrounded by an excellent offense. 

Teams may be interested in the pair, but they won’t be blowing up Rafael Stone’s phone to get them. Nwaba’s $4.6 million deal makes him a good fit for a team above the salary cap, but as a perimeter player who has shot 27.6% from three the past two seasons, he’ll need to find a team that’s desperate for perimeter defense and has an excellent offensive infrastructure. The Utah Jazz would be a solid fit. 

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Daniel Theis was successful in Boston as a smallish-ball five. He sets good screens, can survive switches, and can protect the rim better than one would expect. He’s a solid backup center that allows for some schematic versatility. The biggest hang-up for him is he has three more seasons on his contract at around $9 million per season. 

Nwaba and Theis could both land a second-round pick through trade. That’s not nothing, but it isn’t anything to get excited about either. Nwaba, due to the smaller contract, probably has a bit more trade value.