Ranking the Houston Rockets' Veterans by Trade Value

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Houston Rockets Veteran Trade Value Ranking #3 & #2

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Eric Gordon & Jae’Sean Tate (Strong Value) 

Eric Gordon and Jae’Sean Tate both have strong trade value, although for very different reasons. Gordon has been one of the most accurate shooters in the league this season but carries a hefty price tag. Tate is on a cut-rate deal and is one of the more versatile defenders in the league. 

If contracts weren’t an issue, Gordon’s trade value would far exceed Tate’s. Teams are always more apt to add offense and 3-point shooting and Gordon has both with plenty of playoff experience as a bonus. 

However, contracts are an issue, and acquiring Gordon presents the problem of having to move off of $18 million in salary. Gordon’s salary severely limits which teams can acquire him without offloading important players. Contenders are trying to add and any subtraction makes a trade far less enticing. 

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Tate is not the player that Gordon is, but due to his age, 26, and his $1.5 million deal he’d make a great pick up for any team with eyes on contention over the next few seasons. For all of those reasons, the Rockets shouldn’t look to move Tate unless they’re blown away by an offer. 

Tate and Gordon should be able to land first-round picks from a contender. It needs to be remembered, that not all first-round picks are created equal. A pick in the 20s is far less valuable than a pick in the teens. 

In a Gordon trade, the draft compensation could be secondary to the player(s) the Rockets land to match salary. While with Tate, the draft compensation will be the meat of the return. 

Gordon’s value is likely to be a bit higher than Tate’s, but not so much that the total value of the trade would be much different.