Ranking the 3 best lineups the Rockets could use for the second half of the season

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors / Mark Blinch/GettyImages

Houston Rockets coach Ime Udoka has been tasked with spearing the franchise into postseason play, as the Rockets ownership has deemed themselves ready to end the rebuild. This was always an ambitious goal, considering the landscape in the Western Conference, and the Rockets have felt that, as they sit three games below .500 and find themselves in the 12th spot.

Udoka has been looking for answers and has mentioned making a change to the starting lineup. With this being said, let's take a look at several possible lineups that Udoka should consider.

Lineup #3.

Fred VanVleet-Dillon Brooks-Tari Eason-Jabari Smith Jr.-Alperen Sengun 

This lineup obviously couldn't be deployed right now, as Eason is injured indefinitely. But he's supposed to return this season, based on Udoka's comments before the break.

Udoka typically likes to make such decisions with defense at the forefront of his mind and this lineup would give the Rockets several switchable defenders, while also giving them the necessary shooting.

But again, Eason has to be healthy for this to be an option.

Lineup #2.

Fred VanVleet-Cam Whitmore-Dillon Brooks-Jabari Smith Jr-Alperen Sengun

This lineup replaces Green with Whitmore, who has simply been a better player this season (albeit in a small sample size). Whitmore has been dynamic as a rookie, with averages of 11.9 points 3.6 rebounds, 47.8 percent from the field, 40.3 percent from long-range, and 59.2 percent true shooting.

The risk here is that Whitmore isn't much of a passer (to put it politely) and simply knows how to score. But even that would be an improvement over Green.

Lineup #1

Fred VanVleet-Amen Thompson-Dillon Brooks-Jabari Smith Jr.-Alperen Sengun

This seems to be the most feasible lineup for the Rockets. Amen Thompson's playmaking would open things up more offensively, which makes up for his inability to shoot (for now).

On the defensive end, Thompson has been much better than many expected. His length and size help him in this area, which is part of why Udoka has compared him to Ben Simmons. 

Replacing Green with Thompson would do wonders, as it would give the Rockets several elements that they don't have currently.

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