Ranking the 6 worst starters of the Rockets' rebuild

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
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2. Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley was once viewed as one of the best wing defenders in the NBA, and rightfully so. He had earned that reputation after being a tenacious defender and making two All-Defensive teams.

Bradley presented the quintessential 3-and-D skillset, as he fared 39 percent or better from deep in two of his first three seasons as a starter. The Boston Celtics had confidence that Bradley could anchor down on opposing teams' best scoring option and limit them offensively.

However, the Rockets didn't get anything close to that. By the time Bradley arrived in the Space City, he was much later in his career, so perhaps we should shoot him bail there.

Bradley was in his 11st season and had already turned 30 by the time he was traded to the Rockets. So maybe I shouldn't be too harsh.

Tell you what. You judge for yourself.

Bradley averaged 5.2 points and 2.3 rebounds in 17 games with the Rockets, shooting 31.4 percent from the field and 27 percent from deep on four attempts per contest. Bradley shot 40.9 percent true shooting, which is horrendous.


Making matters worse, Bradley added that he was still one of the best defenders in the league, which I'd be surprised if he even believed that.

In five games as a starter in Houston, Bradley averaged 5.6 points, 1.6 turnovers, 35.7 percent from the field, and 28.5 percent from deep (2.8 attempts).