Re-Grading every Houston Rockets offseason signing

Was Fred VanVleet a smart signing for the Houston Rockets?
Was Fred VanVleet a smart signing for the Houston Rockets? / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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Jeff Green

Now, we're looking at a player who's on the hook for another season. Green is on a two-year, $16 million contract with the Rockets. 

He's certainly endeared himself to the fans. Most expected Green to be merely a locker-room presence. To be sure, his impact as a veteran who's been around this league can be seen. 

At the same time, he's also been solid on the floor. Green's stats won't wow anyone, but he's still a serviceable defender. Shockingly, he can even throw down some impressive dunks at 37. 

On the other hand, his effectiveness has wained as the season has worn on. Green is likely to be dead money on the Rockets' ledger next season. They shouldn't regret signing him, but there are drawbacks to along with the benefits. 

Grade: B-

Jock Landale 

Like Green, Landale is a player whose story isn't told with numbers. If you want to assess his value, you need to use the eye test. 

For most of this season, anyone with eyes could agree that signing him was a mistake. Now, it appears that Landale was likely suffering from an ankle injury. He's been a much more effective player since March. 

That's going to change our evaluation of his contract. Landale is on a four-year deal that pays $8 million annually. Yet, the deal is non-guaranteed at the beginning of each offseason. That could make Landale an attractive trade chip for teams with financial constraints. 

Still, we can't disregard the bulk of the 2023-24 season. Landale hasn't returned on the investment for the most part. This deal is fine, but it's far from perfect. 

Grade: C+