Rockets: 2 Jae'Sean Tate trade partners that make sense, 2 that don't

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2. Team that doesn't make sense: Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons being mentioned as a team that doesn't make sense for Jae'Sean Tate might come as a surprise. The Pistons could possibly be the worst team in NBA history, as they've won just three out of 33 games.

Anything could help, I know.

And the Pistons rank 28th in defensive rating, which is Tate's best trait. Again, I know it may seem foolish to suggest Tate as a bad fit for the Monty Williams-led crew.

However, Tate's shooting woes would be problematic for a Pistons team devoid of shooters (34 percent from deep, which ranks 27th). And his presence on the Pistons could eat into Ausar Thompson's minutes, which is the last thing the Pistons need.

And the Pistons don't want to get rid of Bojan Bogdanovich, who can be slotted into either forward position. Bogdanovich's offensive capabilities exceed Tate's quite easily.

Granted, the Pistons have reportedly been in pursuit of veteran forwards who could help the team win now, such as Miles Bridges, Tobias Harris, and Pascal Siakam. Tate fits that mold but he's a much lesser player than the others, especially offensively.