Rockets: 3 Reasons Lakers' Prince's shade at Dillon Brooks crosses the line

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Heading into the NBA's free agency period, the Houston Rockets were rumored to have been ready to spend big. The Rockets had upwards of $60 million in cap space and team governor Tilman Fertitta had made it known that he was tired of seeing the franchise finish in the dregs of the Western Conference.

The Rockets went in free agency with an overarching plan to shore up their defense, ranking 29th in defensive efficiency in the last two years. They pursued Fred VanVleet, Dillon Brooks, and Brook Lopez-three formidable defenders. The Rockets missed out on Lopez, but they successfully pursued their other two targets.

Why Taurean Prince shouldn't be throwing shade at Rockets' Dillon Brooks

The sticker shock on Brooks' deal (a reported $80 million over four years) drew the attention of Los Angeles Lakers free agent signee Taurean Prince, who said a lot without saying anything.

Let's be honest here. Prince was likely trying to endear himself to Lakers' fans, who understandably don't like Brooks, because of his run-ins with NBA legend LeBron James. In that regard, Brooks has become a villain of sorts (with more than just that one fanbase).

Prince knew this would make the Lakers fanbase love him instantly, which is exactly what happened. But although Prince appeased Lakers' fans with his perceived slight at Brooks, he shouldn't be throwing shade at the 27-year-old forward, for several reasons.

Let's dive into them.