Rockets: 4 things that separate Amen Thompson from even the best prospects

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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4. Similar player archetype to all-time greats

Let’s use the comparison of Derrick Rose to Russell Westbrook to show how big of a difference feel for the game. I may draw some ire from this take, since Westbrook has won the sympathy of many fans after leaving the Los Angeles Lakers.

I am a Russell Westbrook fan, and his career is clearly Hall of Fame material. That being said, Derrick Rose’s peak as a player was at a level Russell Westbrook was unable to reach.

Both players were hyper-athletic point guards, and both moved at speeds that most of the league couldn’t keep up with. However it is feel for the game where the two begin the separate.

There is a reason why Derrick Rose was the youngest MVP in the history of the NBA, and he was the biggest threat to the “Heatles” during that historic run. Rose was able to process the game at the incredible speed his body allowed him to move.

To be the focal point of a championship contender, you simply need to be as Stacey King said, “Too big, Too strong, too fast, and too good!”. These traits can all be applied to Amen Thompson as well, with the too good part still to be tested.

He is already a huge point guard with a NBA-ready body, and he will be competing with Jalen Green and Cam Thomas for the most explosive leaper on his own team. From my impression of Amen Thompson, he probably ranks second or third on the roster behind Fred VanVleet and Kevin Porter Jr. in terms of feel for the game, but he has the drive and personality to become to best out of the bunch.

In fact, Amen has the potential to be one of the best players in the entire league. If he does, it was written in stone by Amen and Ausar at the tender age of nine.