Rockets' Dillon Brooks gets ultimate payback in the end

2023 NBA Summer League - Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
2023 NBA Summer League - Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

Dillon Brooks is known to be a fierce competitor. Regardless of whether you’re an all-time great NFL player like Shannon Sharpe or one of the game’s greatest players ever like LeBron James.

The dude plays with an edge. It’s what got him to this point. It's what's made him one of the better small forwards in the league.

And it’s a relatively effective strategy when channeled correctly, which is what Rockets coach Ime Udoka is banking on.

But if he feels disrespected by an opponent, all bets are off.

Which is what Dennis Schröder learned when the two squared off in international play.

Schröder has been suiting up for Team Germany, while Brooks has been taking the court for Team Canada. Schröder got Brooks with a rather filthy crossover in the second quarter of the match, causing Brooks to fall to his feet.

Schröder then mocked him by pointing at him.

Brooks got his payback though, let’s not get that mistaken. Again, this is his game.

Brooks was closing out on Schröder as the former Rockets point guard was launching a 3-pointer and took an advertent swipe at Schröder's hand, causing Schröder to grimace in pain and discomfort.

Houston Rockets small forward Dillon Brooks gets last laugh in the end

Again, Brooks will not be defeated at his own game. It’s his schtick.

In another exhibition game, Schröder blew right past Brooks to the basket, leading to a rather easy layup. Schröder repeated the gesture, deciding to point to Brooks once more.

Brooks got the last laugh, as his team won the game.

But also, Brooks could easily end this feud by hitting him where it really hurts: in the pocketbook.

It’s well known that Schröder fumbled the bag quite egregiously, turning down an $84 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers, only to land the veteran’s minimum the next season. In fact,
Schröder found himself on the rebuilding Rockets the very next season.

Furthermore, the Rockets, who ultimately ended up adding three point-guards this offseason, as they noticed a dire need to improve at the position, never gave any thought or consideration to the idea of adding Schröder again. 

No wonder Schröder is mad.

All told, Schröder has made a little over $77 million in 10 years of play in the NBA. Brooks’ new deal alone will pay him more than that, as his four-year deal with the Rockets is worth $86 million.

 Meaning by the time Brooks has finished 10 years in the league, he will have made $124.7 million.

Again, no wonder Schröder is mad.

Check paper, young man.