Rockets doing well to build trade value in veteran player

Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Eric Gordon is still going to play a role on the Rockets in the short term, but that doesn't mean the team isn't looking at a potential trade in the near future.

The Rockets and Eric Gordon are in a rather unique spot.

One one hand, Houston lacks almost any veteran leadership. That job should generally fall to Jalen Green based on his current role and his obvious superstar capabilities, but it still does help to have a guy that has been around the block to help from the culture side of things.

Gordon has been able to do that through camp and few the first few games of the season, and while the results have been decent, the Rockets should still be looking to see what they can get for the veteran on the open market.

There are still plenty of teams across the league that will look to make a run at Gordon as the trade deadline approaches, and the good news for Houston is that the team is doing everything possible to maintain Gordon's value.

Everyone on the planet knows that the Rockets would like to move to a full youth-doiminated roster in a perfect world. Still, seeing Gordon going out and playing well will help keep some value on the table for the sharpshooting veteran.

Gordon is shooting just 30% from three through the first four games, but seeing that alongside 31.5 minutes per game and 45.5 on field goals and you have a talented player that should be able to garner some decent compensation when another team shows it wants to win.

Gordon might help the Rockets on the actual roster for now, but it seems like he is going to help the team even more in a few months.

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