Rockets don't need to worry about emotion in first win

Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

While the Rockets were able to notch their first win of the season, they did draw some other attention from a post on social media of two Rockets players arguing on the court.

The Rockets have finally put a 'one' in the win column. Hopefully this is the first of many this season, but maybe not too many to take the team out of quality draft position. There is a nice middle ground, after all.

The Rockets and the Jazz have experienced very different starts to their season. Regardless, here the Rockets are, they have won a game over the Jazz, and we can see that the future for this team is very bright.

Last night's win was filled with positives, but there is one moment on the sideline that still has fans (and the haters) talking.

Jabari Smith and Jalen Green snapping at eachother has been blown completely out of proportion. Eric Gordon sitting there was also quite funny for what its worth.

Still, none of this is worth the story that it has turned into.

Professional sports are emotionally-draining. It is tough to go out there every day and work at that level as a competitor, and adding in losing seasons has a way of dragging on players even further.

Long story short, outbursts like this are going to happen during a season that is sure to be extremely emotional. There will be losses. There will be tough nights. Tempers are going to flare.

All of this is normal and not worth worrying about-Jabari Smith and Jalen Green are assuredly just trying to figure out their dynamic both on and off the court as arguably the two most important players on the team.

None of this is going to be an issue down the road when the team is winning, so it isn't worth worrying about right now.

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