Rockets: Fred VanVleet's Popovich, Spurs slander makes him an instant fan favorite

Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors
Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors / Andrew Lahodynskyj/GettyImages

Although the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs' respective fanbases have been at odds for quite some time, the level of animosity has intensified this offseason. For starters, Victor Wembanyama, the Spurs' top overall pick, was seen fist-pumping when it was determined that he wouldn't be going to the Rockets, which naturally drew the ire of Rockets fans. 

Then, Rockets Twitter traded barbs with Spurs Twitter in a Twitter Spaces session that Spurs second-year player Jeremy Sochan joined. Rockets Twitter hosted another Spaces titled "Jeremy Sochan looks like a snowcone", prompting Sochan to tweet at the Spaces.

Sochan was offered the opportunity to speak on the Spaces and declined,, stating that he essentially just wanted to listen in on the discourse.

Sochan then liked an Instagram post mocking the physical appearance of Rockets free agent acquisition Dillon Brooks. 

I can't make this stuff up. With all of the smoke and animosity between both fanbases, Rockets point guard Fred VanVleet fits right in, when you factor in the level of disdain he has towards the Spurs and legendary coach Gregg Popovich. 

VanVleet took several shots at the Spurs' organization during the Toronto Raptors' championship celebration in 2019.

"It wasn't like this in SA, huh?" stated VanVleet.

But he didn't just stop there. He went much further.

""F--- Pop," the 2019 NBA champion stated next. Then he doubled down on the jab at the legendary coach.

"I ain't gonna do y'all dirty like that, but f--- Pop."

Fred VanVleet's Spurs jabs makes him instant Rockets fan favorite

The video can be seen below.

It's worth noting that VanVleet didn't address the remarks at all, which is a contrast from how players generally respond to these types of things.

Typically players will issue the proverbial endorsement and apology of said person almost right away, followed by a justification that they were inebriated. VanVleet could've taken this route but he remained stedfast in his remarks.

In other words, VanVleet is a real one.

And considering all of the back and forth between Rockets fans and Spurs fans and/or players, these remarks could quite possibly make him an instant favorite among Rockets fans.