Rockets full 2024 offseason guide: draft picks, trade targets, rumors, & more

Will Fred VanVleet and Alperen Sengun lead the Houston Rockets in 2024-25?
Will Fred VanVleet and Alperen Sengun lead the Houston Rockets in 2024-25? / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Everyone wants options. Nobody wants to be stuck in a corner. Luckily, the Houston Rockets have options.

This team has one of the most impressive collections of young talent in the NBA. They have some valuable draft capital by way of the Brooklyn Nets. The Rockets could stay the course, or, they could make major moves.

What will they do this summer? It's anybody's guess. Here's our guide to the Houston Rockets' 2024 offseason.

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Questions the Rockets had to answer this season

1. Has this team shed their losing habits?

2. Do the Rockets have a franchise player?

Yes, and maybe.

There was much handwringing about the culture that was facilitated through tanking. These young Rockets weren't supposed to know how to win games.

So much for that. Sure, the Rockets missed the play-in tournament. They still won as many games as they lost. That was a marked improvement for a team that's been in the league's basement for three seasons.

Have the Rockets found their franchise player? That depends on who you're talking to. Alperen Sengun looked like he could potentially carry that mantle for much of the season. When he went down with an injury, Jalen Green emerged as a franchise player candidate

Can they co-exist? That's the burning question ahead of 2024-25. The Rockets have a lot of young talent, but they don't know if they've found their guiding light just yet.

Houston Rockets stats, strengths and weaknesses in 2023-24

In simple terms, the Rockets were weak on offense, and strong on defense.

Their Offensive Rating of 113.7 ranked 20th in the NBA. Their Defensive Rating of 112.8 ranked 10th.

In some respects, that's encouraging. There have been questions about whether Alperen Sengun can anchor a viable defense. In 2023-24, it looked like he could.

On the other hand, the Rockets have a roster full of limited floor spacers. Amen Thompson can't shoot. Jalen Green is wildly inconsistent and seems more comfortable shooting off the dribble vs off the catch. Dillon Brooks had a career year from long-range (35.9% on 5.1 attempts per game) but he's still not somebody that defenses scramble to close out.

Ideally, an interior scoring big like Sengun would be surrounded by shooting. This is something the Rockets will have to consider moving forward, but they have to be pleased with a top-10 defense in their first season under Ime Udoka.

Statistical leaders

PPG leaders


Alperen Sengun


Jalen Green


Fred VanVleet


APG leaders


Fred VanVleet


Alperen Sengun


Jalen Green


RPG leaders


Alperen Sengun


Jabari Smith Jr.


Amen Thompson


Strengths and weaknesses



Defensive Rating (112.8, 10th)

Offensive Rating (113.7, 20th)

Turnover Ratio (12.7%, 7th)

Assist Ratio (17.7th, 29th)

Offensive Rebound Percentage (29.4%, 8th)

True Shooting Percentage (56.5%, 24th)

Do the Rockets need to trade for a star?

This is the big question surrounding the Rockets. They have all of this talent. They have all of these draft picks. Is it time to consolidate?

It's not a black-and-white question. If a top-5 player shakes loose, the Rockets could justify making a move for him. Still, it seems more sensible to hold serve and let these young guys continue to develop.

Can Green thrive alongside Sengun? Will Amen Thompson make progress as a shooter and ball-handler? There are too many unanswered questions for the Rockets to act rashly. Meanwhile, this group is young. The Rockets have time.

That's a luxury that's not afforded to everyone.

Key offseason dates for the Houston Rockets

May 12 - NBA Draft Lottery

The Rockets own the Brooklyn Nets' pick. It's most likely to land at 9th overall (50.7%). Still, it's got a 4.5% chance of landing first, and it can't land lower than 12th overall.

So, it's time to pray, knock on wood, or do whatever you do to conjure good fortune.

May 12-19 - NBA Draft Combine

This is one of the most open draft classes in recent memory. It's lacking star power, but it's deep. As a result, this year's combine is particularly interesting. Names that aren't on your radar now may be draft candidates for the Rockets by the time this week-long showcase is over.

June 26-27 - NBA Draft

June 29

-Last day that player and team options can be exercised
-Last day that teams can extend qualifying offers.

June 30 (6 PM E.T)

Free agent negotiations can begin

July (Dates TBD)

Summer League. This is where you can watch the newest Rockets draftees. Some undrafted, fringe NBA players will fight for their spot on the main roster as well. The Rockets may take an opportunity to get Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore some run here too, as they did with Jabari Smith Jr. and Tari Eason last summer.

July 1 (12:01 AM E.T)

-Free agency moratorium
-First-round picks can be signed
-Minimum contracts (2 years or less) can be signed
-Teams can extend offer sheets, and restricted free agents can sign offer sheets
-Third-year and fourth-year rookie options can be exercised
-Two-way contracts can be signed and converted.

July 2-7 - FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Will Alperen Sengun represent Turkey in FIBA this summer? We're not sure. Last year, there was some controversy surrounding his participation. If he does, Rockets fans will want to keep an eye on the qualifying tournament.

July 6 - NBA free agency begins

August 17 (estimate) - NBA schedule announced

August 30 (estimate) - NBA preseason schedule announced

September 30 (estimated date) - NBA Media Day

October 1 - NBA training camps begin

October 21 - Last day of the offseason
- Rosters set for opening day at 5 p.m. ET.
- Last day free agents can be signed and traded.
- Last day to convert an Exhibit 10 contract to a two-way

The Rockets Roster: Free agents, surefire returnees, question marks

For the most part, the Rockets can bring their key players back this summer.

Unrestricted free agents:

Reggie Bullock, Boban Marjanovic, Aaron Holiday

Team options:

Jae'Sean Tate, Jeff Green, Jock Landale

Bet on them to return:

Mostly everyone. It doesn't seem like the Rockets want to do anything drastic. With that said, there have been murmurings of a Jalen Green trade before. The Rockets could theoretically upgrade Dillon Brooks.

The extremely safe bets to return are Alperen Sengun, Fred VanVleet, Amen Thompson, Jabari Smith Jr., Tari Eason, and Cam Whitmore. We'd be surprised if Green went anywhere as well, but we're not ruling it out.

Two-way contracts:

Jermaine Samuels, Jeenathan Williams, Nate Hinton

2024 NBA Draft prospects frequently mentioned as Rockets

First Round prospects

Donovan Clingan, 7'2" C, Connecticut
Mentioned by: Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated

Reed Sheppard, 6'3" G, Kentucky
Mentioned by: USA Today

Rob Dillingham, 6'3", G, Kentucky
Mentioned by: Sports Illustrated

Dalton Knecht, 6'6", G/F, Tennessee
Mentioned by: ESPN

Second Round prospects:

Jaxson Robinson, 6'7" F, BYU
Mentioned by: Bleacher Report

Trevon Brazile, 6'10" F/C, Arkansas
Mentioned by: Sports Illustrated

Rockets comprehensive 2024 NBA Draft pick odds

The Rockets own the Nets' pick. As the projected 9th pick (50.7% odds), it can land between 9th and 12th, or it can leap into the top 4. The pick has a 5.7% chance of landing fourth, a 5.2% chance of landing third, a 4.8% chance of landing second, and a 4.5% chance of landing first. It cannot land between fifth and eighth.

The Rockets are also guaranteed the 44th pick via the Golden State Warriors.

Rockets complete draft picks from 2024 through 2030

-First via BKN
-44th pick via GSW

-First swap via BKN
-Second-round picks via MEM and OKC

-First via BKN
-Own first (Between 1 and 4)
-Second-round picks via PHI and DAL

-First swap via BKN
-Own second
-Second-round picks via MEM and MIN

-Own first
-Second-round pick via MIL

-Own first
-Own second

-Own first
-Own second

Houston Rockets offseason rumors

Will the Rockets extend Alperen Sengun or Jalen Green?

In theory, the Rockets could extend both of their potential cornerstones from the 2021 draft this summer. In practice, they aren't likely to do anything rash. Sengun and Green are both talented, but there remain questions about each.

The Rockets may want to see more defensive growth from Sengun. They'll almost certainly want to see if Green can sustain high-level play consistently. This is something to keep an eye on, but it's more likely that both of these contractual situations will bleed into next summer.

Can the Rockets' young players co-exist?

We've already highlighted concerns about the fit between Sengun and Green. It seems that rivals are questioning Sengun's fit alongside Amen Thompson as well.

These are reasonable questions. The viability of two non-shooting playmakers sharing the floor is worth questioning. It still feels more likely that the Rockets will give themselves another season to answer any questions.

Will the Rockets make a deal with the Nets?

These two teams are the NBA's odd couple. They're intrinsically linked, whether they like it or not.

The Rockets own the Nets' picks through to 2027 . There's a presumption that the Nets would like their picks back and a widespread belief that the Rockets are interested in Mikal Bridges.

We'll see if anything comes to fruition this summer.

Rockets linked to Paul George

This was a disappointing season for the Clippers. With Paul George set to hit free agency, it could be a tumultous summer for the organization.

Recently, the Rockets were linked to him. This would be an interesting acquisition for the team. George is a perfect fit with this roster, but he'd have to come at the right price - in terms of both trade value and salary.

The Houston Rockets' offseason financial outlook

We could break this down for you. We'll let Bobby Marks of ESPN do it instead - he's the expert.

"Houston will enter the offseason with $121.7 million in guaranteed salary but is over the $141 million cap because of $25 million in non-guaranteed contracts (Tate, Jeff Green, and Jock Landale). Houston has until June 29 to exercise Tate's $7.5 million team option and guarantee Landale's $8 million contract. Jeff Green's $8 million salary becomes guaranteed on July 11. The Rockets will have access to the $12.9 million non-taxpayer midlevel exception and $4.7 million biannual exception to use in free agency or acquire a player in a trade. The Rockets also have a $4.5 million trade exception"

Which free agents should be in play for the Rockets this summer?

In 2023-24, the Rockets had two clear, glaring needs: rim protection and shooting. With the midseason acquisition of Steven Adams, the former area is covered. So, we're looking at shooting specialists in this section.

Gary Trent Jr., 6'5", G/F, Toronto Raptors

Trent Jr. shot 39.3% from long range last season. He's also a disruptive defender who can rack up steals and deflections. WIth the Raptors needing to extend Immanuel Quickley and possibly heading in a new direction, Trent Jr. could be available.

Malik Beasley, 6'4", G/F, Milwaukee Bucks

Beasley has become something of a journeyman in recent years. Why not journey over to Houston? The veteran knocked down 41.3% of his threes in 2023-24, and he's never scared of a defensive assignment - whether he ought to be or not.

Luke Kennard, 6'5", G/F, Memphis Grizzlies

Kennard doesn't have the same defensive value as the last two names. He is an extremely reliable movement shooter. If he's available at the right price, he'd bring a needed component to this squad.

Alec Burks, 6'6", G/F, New York Knicks

Finally, Burks does a little bit of everything. He's a Swiss-army knife of a player who can shoot, defend and pass. It doesn't matter what the Rockets want to do next season - he can help them do it.

There are other viable targets for this team. Some are likely to be more closely linked to them as the offseason wears on.

Next. shouldntbeback. 4 Rockets who shouldn't be back next season. dark

If you want to keep tabs on those targets, bookmark this page. We'll be updating it all summer.