Rockets get steal with first pick of 2022 NBA Draft

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The Houston Rockets finally have a four that is actually built to play the position. Jalen Green finally has a perfect new co-star in forward Jabari Smith.

The Magic and the Thunder just made a mistake by letting the Houston Rockets get Jabari Smith.

The wait is over. The Houston Rockets have finally made the third overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft and fans should be very happy with how the pick was made. 

Not many people expected the first two players off the board to be Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren. That's fine for Houston. Having Jabari Smith fall to the third pick is a miraculous gift.

Now, the Rockets have a great player that doesn't need the ball to actually put points on the board. That was one of the biggest knocks against the other two players. Banchero and Holmgren need the ball to make an impact, but that would take reps away from guys like Jalen Green.

Instead of having to worry about spreading the ball around with the young core, the Rockets just stole the best fit on the board that is a legtimate top pick in the draft.

As the best shooter in the class with a very bright future as a three-point shooter, the Rockets have just been able to address their two biggest needs with a player that is only going to bring out the best in what they already have.

Smith is going to play good defense, is extremely athletic, and has a game that translates to the modern NBA very well.

There was no better way for this night to go. The Rockets were extremely lucky to see the board fall this way, and the new starting four in Houston has an extremely bright future on his new team as they look to get back to the playoffs sooner than later.

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