Rockets guards destined for greatness in 2022 and beyond

Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Say what you want about the Houston Rockets and their shaky start to the 2022 season; it is impossible to argue against the potential of the guards on this growing roster.

There is a lot working against the Houston Rockets right now.

Whether you want to look at injuries, coaching, or the lack of chemsitry between the players due to their short time in the league and playing together, this team has a long way to go before it is back and competing for spots in the playoffs.

Everyone knew this was coming. The Harden years were always going to come crashing down with a bang. Houston did well to recoup their picks in that trade and build towards the future, and the best of those early moves was getting Jalen Green.

Green is the face of the franchise for now and the future. The young star has obvious superstar potential on the offensive end of the court and it is worth noting that his defense has gotten much better as well.

The sky is the limit for Green and his future. The same can be said for the other guard on the Rockets right now.

While Green is the obvious face of the future in Houston, Kevin Porter Jr. is making a loud argument as the best player on the Rockets right now. Leading the team in most offensive categories, KPJ has proven himself worth every penny of that contract.

Together, this duo is a huge part of the future in Houston. If the team wins now, it will likely come on the shoulders of this pair. If the team is competing for championships in a few years, it will again likely be due to this duo.

There is a lot to love in Houston right now. The guards are a great place to start.

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