Rockets have plenty to be excited for with Alperen Sengun as a starter

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It's hard to discuss the Rockets and their future and not hear someone talk about Alperen Sengun. The young center's future is still extremely bright.

The 2022 preseason i approaching for the Houston Rockets, and a lot of eyes are turning to their main new arrivals from the 2022 NBA Draft.

It's easy to get caught up in these young guys and Jalen Green as the new face of the franchise, but it seems as though some people are forgetting that this is going to be a big year for Alperen Sengun as well.

While no one would go as far as to say this will be his rookie season, a decent minutes increase is certainly coming his way, and that is going to expose a much larger number within the NBA viewers to what Houston actually has in their new starting five.

There wasn't that much more that Sengun could do to show the staff that he was ready to start. It may have been difficult to move on from a guy as established as Christian Wood, but Sengun's performances on the offensive and defensive ends of the court showed the franchise that it was in very capable hands.

Sengun is going to mesh with the rest of this core as a full-time starter like a glove. Between what he brings to the table with his abilities on defense to his incredible passing and scoring talents, Sengun is both going to be an accent for certain players and a major catalyst for others.

It might be a little early for those penciling him in as an All-Star, but Sengun playing like one of the best young centers in the league in 2022 is certainly on the table, and that is great news for Houston's future.

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