Rockets have to find clear role for player if no trade happens

Houston Rockets v Toronto Raptors
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Kenyon Martin Jr. might be a question mark for the Rockets in some areas after some concerns arose about his role on the team going forward, but one thing that is clear is how talented he is when he gets going.

Nothing is set in stone for the Rockets right now. A lot can change between now and the start of the season, and changes can even occur once the season starts and we see how this team meshes.

Being that anything can change, it makes sense that the Rockets have not moved on from Kenyon Martin Jr. despite his request for a trade.

Martin's position did make sense with the team adding another player to his position that projects to be a better shooter and defender, but Houston's position also makes sense when looking at how much can change on this front with the starting forwards.

As of now, the starting duo at the three and the four looks like Jae'Sean Tate and Jabari Smith. However, KJ Martin could make a case that some of those minutes do belong to him.

Tate is a good starter that should tick most of the boxes for the Rockets as a defender and as a veteran leader, but his abilities from beyond the arc are lacking.

On the other hand, Martin is far better in this area, and it already looked like the Rockets could make a change to their 'backup' if they wanted to make three-point shooting a priority on offense.

The combination of Kevin Porter Jr. KJ Martin, and Jabari Smith could be too good to pass up for a high-powered offense that can score from almost anywhere on the court.

Don't close the book on KJ Martin's future with the Rockets just yet.

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