Rockets' Jalen Green's comments on looming James Harden return are being misconstrued

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On Monday, Houston Rockets fans tuned in to the latest episode of 'Podcast P with Paul George Presented by Wave Sports and Entertainment' as Rockets star guard Jalen Green joined the LA Clippers forward to discuss a bevy of topics. If you haven't had the opportunity to tune in, here's your chance.

One of the many topics discussed by Green and George was the constant rumors of James Harden returning to the Rockets in free agency this summer, which many believe to be a foregone conclusion, even though the Philadelphia 76ers might have something to say about that.

Green's comments were viewed as proof that he wouldn't endorse Uno returning to the Rockets, which upset many Rockets fans who are in favor of the move. But Green's comments were wildly misconstrued and wrongly aggregated, considering the full context of the dialogue.

It all started when George gave his opinion of why Harden returning to the Space City would be a bad idea. George's full comments are below:

"Personally, I wouldn't. Like I feel like at this point, you're the king of Houston. They made their decision on who the future is. They full on committed to who the future is.

You bring James you said, you've gotta go through this. Being double-teamed, being tripe-teamed, being the target every time, you got to go through that.

You bring on someone like James who is such a ball-dominant player, that’s going to hinder your growth a little bit. Regardless of how it can elevate you on another level of him teaching you and you learning off of him, I feel like for you, you've already been through the fire. So like, let you continue to learn."

Rockets' Jalen Green's comments on looming James Harden return are being misconstrued

This was quite an insightful perspective from an established star in the league in George. Green stated "I agree" multiple times, followed by the following:

"Nah, I agree. I think it can play both ways, like you just said. It could help and it could hurt at the same time. I haven't really talked to him too much about the rumors and stuff like that. But, I mean, I'm with you on that. That's all I'm gonna say."

This should be perceived as Green being okay with either outcome, as it pertains to Harden returning or going elsewhere. George simply shared his opinion and Green stated that he agrees with that perspective, but he didn't rule out the possibility altogether, as much of the headlines say.

In fact, Green literally states "I think it can play both ways," so why has all the focus been centered on George's comments, which is strictly his opinion and not Green's? Green never slammed the idea, but instead made it known to the Rockets' brass that he was open either way (i.e. the line "it could help and it could hurt at the same time").

Should that part be ignored? Perhaps if you're looking for a headline or seeking to start controversy. I wouldn't fault someone if this was the angle they chose to explore, because we know that controversy sells.

But just know that you'd be putting words in Green's mouth if you choose to spin this as him not being open to The Beard returning to the Space City.