Rockets land proven 3-point specialist in proposed trade

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks
Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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Constructing a deal for Porter

In the latest mock trade, the Rockets trade Kevin Porter Jr. to the Dallas Mavericks, allowing the Mavs to part with a player who likely struggles to secure a long-term role with the franchise in 2023-24. The Mavs also reel in major draft capital in the deal.

The mock trade was concocted by James Piercey of NBA Analysis Network and is outlined below:


Why Rockets do the deal

The Rockets will be losing their best 3-point shooter in Porter, and for a team devoid of significant long-range shooters, that hurts. Landing Hardaway Jr. would reverse that, as THJ is easily a better shooter than KPJ.

The Rockets want to compete this season and they expected Porter to have a significant role. In fact, it was even speculated that he'd be a starter.

THJ softens the blow and gives the Rockets a proven performer who has proven to be willing and capable to come off the bench. In addition, the Rockets are a young team seeking to add proven players.

They're going to end up trading away picks over the next several years, as they don't have the roster space to continue reeling in draft prospects. This trade makes perfect sense for the Rockets.