Rockets legend Vernon Maxwell hilariously trolls the people of Utah, again

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Kenny "The Jet" Smith Annual NBA All-Star Bash / Leon Bennett/GettyImages

Houston Rockets legend Vernon Maxwell has had a long-standing beef with the fans of the Utah Jazz and the entire 84,899 square mile state. The origins of the animosity date back to Maxwell's playing days. He claims the fans would say things about his family and call him racial epithets.

As Maxwell once explained, "they was f-ing with the wrong m-fer," and boy was he right with his latest tweet.

The brilliance of ESPN's Brian Windhorst's soliloquy on First Take is utilized to perfection by Maxwell. In response to a TMZ report that a 56-year-old mother in Utah was impregnated by her own son, Maxwell tweeted "Seriously..", accompanied by a video of Brian Windhorst saying, "What's going on in Utah?"

After all the abuse Maxwell took as a player, him finding joy and spreading laughter at the expense of the people of Utah is more than a fair return. These are a few of his greatest hits from Twitter.

However, Maxwell went deep in his bag on February 26th, 2021. After reports surfaced of racial insensitivity by Dennis Lindsey, Maxwell went into great detail to describe his horrible experiences with Jazz fans.

Instead of leaving it at that, Maxwell went back to Twitter to troll the fans and the franchise for celebrating their league-best record at the time.

The Jazz would be eliminated by the Los Angeles Clippers in the second round of the 2021 NBA playoffs, even though Kawhi Leonard suffered a series-ending ACL injury.

The Jazz are entering a rebuild while the Rockets have been engaged in one for the past two seasons. With the two franchises starting from the bottom and trying to build back to the top, there's a chance that the two clash in future playoffs. Hopefully, Vernon Maxwell will have his phone nearby, so he can add an additional dash of humor to the discourse.

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