Rockets linked to some of NBA's biggest stars in latest rumors

Could the Houston Rockets trade for Kevin Durant?
Could the Houston Rockets trade for Kevin Durant? / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Welcome to NBA Draft week, folks.

In a couple of short days, the rumors will subside. We will know what teams around the league have decided to do on one of the year's biggest nights. The Houston Rockets are one of those teams.

There's been no shortage of rumors about the Rockets. They've been linked to virtually any name you could think of. Recently, ESPN has stirred the pot again.

They're linking the Rockets to some of the biggest names in the NBA.

Houston Rockets rumored to be big game hunting

You've seen the Rockets linked to Jimmy Butler before. You've heard whispers of them acquiring Mikal Bridges, and maybe even Brandon Ingram.

You probably haven't seen them linked to Kevin Durant. That's a new one. According to Jonathan Givony, he's someone the Rockets could be interested in landing.

"The Rockets are clearly in win-now mode and would love to add star power to their roster, with players such as Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, Mikal Bridges, and Brandon Ingram as well as role players including Brook Lopez and Marcus Smart being some that other teams say the Rockets could have interest in targeting."

Jonathan Givony, ESPN

Interesting. Would acquiring Durant - or any of the other names on this list - be advisable?

Houston Rockets should be patient

We wouldn't do it - for the most part.

We already discussed the idea of landing Butler. In short, we think his jumper is too shaky to add to a team that has as dire of a need for shooting as the Rockets.

We've also discussed the possibility of adding Bridges at great length. We'll summarize again. The idea of adding Bridges is appealing if the Rockets can keep the Nets' 2025 pick. Strengthening the odds of that pick landing high is as appealing as actually adding Bridges himself.

Otherwise, Durant would be a perfect addition to this roster basketball-wise. We just suspect that the Suns' asking price would be astronomical. Staying the course with this young core and making a trade once the future is crystallized would be more sensible.

Smart and Lopez would be fine acquisitions - at the right price. More broadly, the Rockets shouldn't be compromising their future just to add a few wins to their ledger in 2024-25.

Drafting the best player they can is the safer move.